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White Kitchen Cabinets

Selecting the right color for your kitchen cabinetry is one of the most important decision you will have to make with your kitchen remodel. Pick a color and style that is too trendy and you could have a kitchen that is out of style in a few years.  Pick a color that is too traditional and you could have a kitchen that looks dated and lackluster. So what’s a safe bet for you kitchen cabinet color? Love of them or hate them, white kitchen cabinets have passed the test of time  and white is still the favorite color for cabinetry among homeowners. According to Houzz’s 2021  kitchen trends, 41% of new kitchens are white. That’s an impressive number given all the color options available today. So why are white kitchen cabinets so popular and what are some considerations you should keep in mind before going white with your kitchen. At the Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio, we remodel a lot of kitchens every week and we would like help you with your kitchen remodel project. Below are our views about white kitchen cabinets.


White cabinets are ideal for kitchens with a small footprint. White reflects light effectively and can make a space look brighter, roomier, more open and more inviting. Having well-placed windows that let in natural light is a great ideas for white kitchens since light will bounce off the white surfaces producing generous amounts  of luminosity.

Have you ever noticed how dark spaces and bright spaces affect your mood differently?A bright kitchen with white cabinets that let natural light come in from windows and doors creates a clean, welcoming environment that can positively affect your mood and make your guests feel welcome.  

Choosing white for your kitchen remodel will motivate you and your family members to spend more time in it especially if you accessorize it with greenery and interesting colorful pieces.


white farmhouse style kitchen
white kitchen with gray countertops Charlotte NC

Mixing Colors

One of the biggest benefits of white kitchen cabinets is that they can easily be matched or contrasted with other colors to achieve a modern and trendy look. Because white is a neutral color, it can easily be paired with other colors and used as a neutral background to accentuate certain elements of a kitchen (like a kitchen island) that are of a different color. Think about what colors go well with white, and the sky is the limit. 

Some of our favorite combinations at the Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio are white kitchen cabinets with gray or black quartz countertops or a navy blue kitchen island. The options and color configurations are endless. Contrasting colors in big trend in kitchen design recently such as mixing white and blue kitchen cabinets.

white kitchen cabinetry with other elements Charlotte NC


One definite advantage of white kitchen cabinets is their versatility. White is a good color choice no matter the style and decor of kitchen you are going for. From modern farmhouse, contemporary, classic, transitional to country,  the use of white kitchen cabinets is well accepted and the combination of styles and white color look impressive.  That’s what makes white kitchen cabinets so popular. Their versatility is further enhanced by the different shades of white now available, as well as the large selection of hardware you can choose from to finish up the look. 

Simply changing the hardware from brushed stainless steel to copper can transform the look of your entire kitchen thanks to the versatility of white cabinets which, because of their neutrality, can enhance any color element you introduce in your kitchen design.  

Country style white kitchen Charlotte NC
White Kitchen Cabinets 1

A time Tested Classic


Some things simply never go out of style. White kitchen cabinets are one those things. Decades after decades, white kitchen cabinets have remained in high demand among homeowners. To this day, home builders who are known to be on top of the latest trends in designs, are still installing white kitchen cabinetry in brand new homes across Charlotte NC and the US. And today more than even, there are several shades of white and finishes you can choose from, as well as many styles of cabinetry

Remodeling a kitchen requires a substantial amount of planning and money. All the elements of a kitchen such as the cabinetry, countertops, back-splash, and flooring are selected to complement one another. Picking a kitchen cabinet color that is too trendy could put you at risk of having to redo your entire kitchen in a few short years. White kitchen cabinets are the sure bet for a new kitchen remodel and if white is a little too plain or neutral for you, implementing beautiful hardware, colorful countertops or colorful kitchen island will make your kitchen a complete winner!

White Kitchen Cabinets 2

What are some considerations to keep in mind with white kitchens?


The crisp and beautiful clean look of white kitchen cabinets is also their pitfall. Stains, discolorations and imperfections show up a lot easier on white kitchen cabinets than darker color ones. A busy kitchen will get dirty pretty quickly – cooking stains, spills and splashes, cooking oil and smoke, fingerprints and smears on cabinet doors… It’s not that white kitchens get dirtier than other types of kitchen, it’s just that they reveal messes more obviously. Excessively cleaning your kitchen cabinets could erode their protective layer overtime, causing some discoloration. Nicks, scuffs and scratches might also show more easily on white kitchen cabinets that darker tone ones. 

Something else to keep in mind is if the white kitchen cabinets are exposed to direct sunlight through windows and doors. The sun has a bleaching effect on all types of cabinets, but the results might be more obvious on white kitchen cabinets since white easily shows imperfections. Lastly, white kitchen cabinets tend to yellow overtime depending on the quality of the finish. So investing in quality cabinetry is key to having kitchen cabinets that look their best for a long time. 

If you live in the Charlotte NC area and interested in remodeling your kitchen with white kitchen cabinets, we would like to invite you to visit our kitchen and bath showroom convenient to the Charlotte area where we have kitchen designers ready to help you.

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