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Since the 1980s, granite has been a popular material for countertops, mainly because of its intricate veining and unique movement. Unlike quartz countertops, which are manufactured and engineered, each slab of granite is a unique creation of nature. In 2021, colors such as Sunset Canyon, Alpine White, Azul Celeste, White Valley, and Oyster White were favorites, reflecting homeowners’ preference for neutral and soothing tones.

Entering 2024, quartz stands out with color options that perfectly adapt to modern interior design trends,Carrara Marmi, Et Calacatta Gold, Blanco Orion, Desert Silver, Jasmine White

Carrara Marmi

Featuring distinct shades of white and gray with elegant veining, Carrara Marmi countertops were among the most prestigious choices for kitchens and bathrooms in 2021. The classic beauty of Carrara Marmi, originating from the famous marble quarries of Carrara in Italy, has been a favorite among both designers and homeowners.

The soft and sophisticated color palette of Carrara Marmi, which combines pure white with subtle gray veins, fits seamlessly into a variety of decor styles, from modern and minimalist to traditional and opulent. This versatility makes Carrara Marmi an ideal option for creating an elegant and timeless ambiance.

The preference for Carrara Marmi in countertops is a testament to the desire for understated luxury and refinement. This material choice offers a sense of light and space, elevating the aesthetics of any kitchen or bathroom. According to design experts, Carrara Marmi was one of the most popular choices for marble countertops in 2021, reflecting an ongoing trend for the elegance and timeless charm that marble offers.


Et Calacatta Gold

Et Calacatta Gold is an opulent and luxurious choice for countertops, sought after by those wishing to add a touch of sophistication and exclusivity to their spaces. Known for its radiant white base with gold and gray veins, this material has been an upward trend in high-end kitchens and bathrooms.

The combination of bright white with gold and gray veining gives Et Calacatta Gold a rich and luxurious appearance, making it perfect for settings that seek a sophisticated style. This marble option is ideal for creating a stunning focal point in any kitchen or bathroom, especially when paired with high-quality fixtures and finishes.

Beyond its stunning beauty, Et Calacatta Gold is also a practical choice, offering durability and resilience essential for daily use in countertops. In 2021, this variety of marble was highly valued by homeowners and designers who seek to combine aesthetics with functionality, ensuring that countertops are not only visually appealing but also capable of withstanding the demands of a busy kitchen or bathroom.

Et Calacatta Gold is more than just a material choice; it’s a statement of style and luxury, reflecting a growing trend for elegant and timeless designs. Its popularity among interior design aficionados is a clear indicator of its timeless appeal and unparalleled sophistication.

Blanco Orion

Blanco Orion is an exceptional choice for countertops that seek to combine contemporary elegance with a touch of nature. This material is distinguished by its crystalline white background, interwoven with soft veins in shades of gray and silver, creating a look that is both modern and timeless.

The aesthetics of Blanco Orion are particularly appealing to those who desire a kitchen or bathroom with a clean and bright appearance, but with distinct character. The subtle yet striking nature of its veining offers a perfect balance between simplicity and sophistication, making it ideal for a variety of decor styles, from minimalist to more elaborate.

Beyond its unmistakable beauty, Blanco Orion is known for its durability and resistance. It’s a practical choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops, standing up well to daily use and maintaining its stunning appearance over time. In 2021, this option became popular among homeowners and designers looking for a combination of functionality and cutting-edge aesthetics.

Blanco Orion is not just a luxurious addition to any space; it is an expression of refined taste and a smart choice for those seeking durability and style. Its popularity reflects a growing movement towards interior designs that value both form and function, offering an ideal balance for modern living.


Desert Silver

Desert Silver is a charming and sophisticated choice for countertops, perfect for those looking to blend natural beauty with a modern touch. This material stands out for its elegant light gray base, complemented by subtle veins reminiscent of the serene landscape of a silver desert.

The soft color palette of Desert Silver offers a contemporary and versatile look, ideal for a variety of interior decor styles. This choice is particularly sought after by those wishing to create a space that balances tranquility and style, providing a sense of open and luminous space.

Beyond its attractive aesthetics, Desert Silver is known for its durability and ease of maintenance, making it a practical choice for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms. In 2021, Desert Silver gained popularity among homeowners and designers who value the combination of functionality and elegant design.

Desert Silver is not just a material option for countertops; it’s a statement of sophisticated style and a conscious choice for those who value lasting design and timeless beauty. Its growing popularity reflects a desire for spaces that are both welcoming and visually stunning, merging the simplicity of nature with modern elegance.

Jasmine White

Jasmine White is an elegant and refreshing option for countertops, ideal for those looking to brighten their space with a touch of understated sophistication. This material is characterized by its luminous white base, delicately dotted with soft and subtle veining, providing a clean and serene look.

The pure white color of Jasmine White brings a sense of spaciousness and brightness, making it a perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms of any size. Its minimalist and timeless aesthetic pairs well with a wide range of decor styles, from modern and contemporary to classic and traditional.

Beyond its charming appearance, Jasmine White is valued for its durability and ease of maintenance, essential qualities for countertops that withstand daily use. In 2021, this variety stood out in the market, attracting homeowners and designers who seek to create environments that are not only beautiful but also functional and welcoming.

Jasmine White is more than just a material choice; it represents a preference for environments that radiate brightness and lightness. Its growing popularity signals a trend towards spaces that combine clean and clear aesthetics with a sense of calm and order, perfect for a contemporary and stylish lifestyle.


As 2024 unfolds, we are witnessing a growing trend of homeowners opting for quartz countertops that combine modern elegance with functionality. Unlike granite countertops, which are unique and natural, quartz countertops offer a variety of customized and designed options to adapt to any decor style.

If you are in the Charlotte metropolitan area and considering a kitchen or bathroom redesign, our Complete Kitchen and Bath design studio is ready to meet your needs. Conveniently located near Charlotte, we are open Monday through Saturday, with a team of specialized designers ready to assist in your remodeling. In addition to quartz countertops, we offer options in granite, marble, Deckton, Venetian, and post-form laminate.

In 2024, choosing the right countertop means more than just selecting a material; it’s about shaping the personality and character of your living space. We invite you to explore our diverse options and discover how quartz countertops can transform your kitchen or bathroom into a true expression of your modern and sophisticated lifestyle.

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