Top 5 colors for granite countertops in 2021
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Top Five Colors For Granite Countertops in 2021

Even though quartz countertops have taken the lead for the favorite type of material for kitchen countertops, granite  countertops remains a strong challenger. Since the 1980s, granite has been a popular material for countertops mostly because of its intricate and unique veining and movement. As opposed to quartz slabs which are man-made and engineered, granite slabs are made by nature and unique. No two granite slabs are exactly the same. This cannot be said about quartz slabs.

What were the top 5 colors for granite in 2021? According to MSI surfaces, Sunset Canyon, Alpine White, Azul Celeste, White Valley and Oyster White were among the most popular colors for granite in 2021. There is a trend among homeowners to choose granite colors that are neutral and soothing. Neutral shades such as grays, browns, whites and cream colors have dominated the trend in granite in 2021.

Sunset Canyon

Featuring neutral shades of brown, taupe and cream, Sunset Canyon granite countertops were one of the top choice for homeowners in 2021 for both kitchens and baths. The neutral colors of Sunset Canyon granite are easy to match with any style and decor and create warmth and coziness in the space where they are used.  Sunset Canyon granite was the top choice for granite countertops among homeowners in 2021 according to MSI.

Sunset Canyon granite countertops
Alpine white granite countertops Charlotte

Alpine White

With such a great name, it’s no surprise that Alpine White granite looks pristine and breathtaking and made the top of the list. As opposed to quartz countertops which can be quite minimalistic, Alpine White granite features rich neutral colors with lots of movement and dramatic veining. Alpine White granite slabs have undertones of gray, coffee-brown and snowy white. While those colors contrast with one another, they also blend altogether very nicely. It’s a perfect match for kitchens with off white cabinetry for a look that is rustic.  Alpine White granite countertops were the second favorite granite countertop color in 2021.

Azul Celeste

Gray tones in kitchens have been in demand and that has helped Azul Celeste granite countertops to be make the list of the most popular colors for granite countertops among homeowners in 2021. Azul Celeste granite countertops feature shades of gray, pale blues and charcoal. Those shades of color make this type of granite countertop are a good match with stainless steel appliances and kitchen cabinetry with grayish and brown tones.

Azul Celeste granite countertops Charlotte
White Valley granite countertops Charlotte

White Valley

Granite countertops with white undertones have been in demand among homeowners in 2021. White Valley granite countertops are no different. They feature a mixture of snowy white, pale gray and light brown colors for a soothing color mix that is soft, easy on the eyes and a good match for many styles of kitchen.

Oyster White

A trend among homeowners is to match the color of their kitchen cabinetry with one of the undertones of  their granite countertops. Contrasting shades add drama to the overall kitchen setting. Oyster White granite countertops  are a good choice to use this design technique because they feature a warm white background, deep grays and black veining. Oyster White granite countertops showcase several colors to pay with and match with other elements in the kitchen. 

Oyster white granite countertops Charlotte

2021 has seen homeowners opting for lighter and warmer granite colors for their  kitchen countertops and bath vanities. Granite is a fantastic material for kitchen and bath countertops. Unlike quartz slabs which are man-made, each granite slab is truly unique, an art piece made by nature from which kitchen and bath countertops are designed. The top 5 colors for granite slabs in 2021 can definitely make a statement in any kitchen.

If you live in the metro Charlotte area and are in the market for a kitchen or bath redesign,  we would love to hear from you. Come and visit us at the Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio conveniently located to Charlotte. We are open Monday through Saturday and have designers on staff ready to help you with your upcoming remodeling. We design and instal granite countertops as well as quartzmarbleDecktonvenetian and post form laminate.

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