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Sleek, elegant, modern – all are words that describe the inherent distinguished look of quartz countertops. They are beloved by many homeowners and as popular if not more than granite for kitchen countertops and vanity tops. Unlike granite countertops, quartz countertops are engineered using crush quartz, a binding agent and coloring. A typical slab contains about 95% quartz. Quartz slabs are available in an increasingly large selection of colors and styles. They are are easy to care of, durable and easy to clean. We make and install quartz countertops in the Charlotte area. We offer the best brands of quartz available including Sequel QuartzCambriaMSI (as shown in the picture above), Metro QuartzHanstone QuartzOne Quartz Surfaces and Silestone. We have literally hundreds of quartz colors and styles to choose from which you can view when you visit our Complete Kitchen & Bath Design Studio in Matthews. Lead time to have your quartz countertops fabricated and installed in the Charlotte area is similar to granite countertops, but with the added time for delivery of the quartz slab to our local factory.
Quartz Countertops Charlotte

Quartz Countertops - A High Performance Surface

In contrast to granite and marble, which are natural stones cut into slabs and shaped into countertops, quartz countertops are part natural and part man-made. They are made of about 95% quartz which are mined and ground in various sizes. Coarsely ground quartz yields a speckled appearance, whereas finely ground quartz yields a smooth appearance. Color pigments and a polyester resin are fused to the mixture under intense heat and pressure to create the solid quartz slab from which countertops will be fabricated.

quartz countertops Calacatta

Why Choose quartz countertops


Quartz is a strong, hard and durable material, even more so than granite. It is practically scratch proof and a perfect material for kitchen countertops.

Heat Resistance

Quartz countertops offer some heat resistance, but because they contain resin, which is sensitive to heat, setting hot pots directly unto the quartz surface is not recommended.

Water resistance

Quartz countertops are non-porous and therefore resistant stains from food, including wine and coffee. Because they are non-porous, quartz countertops are also more sanitary – mildew and other organic matter cannot grow on quartz.

Care and Maintenance

Quartz countertops are the easiest to clean and maintain. They do not require regular sealing and can be cleaned with a cloth and appropriate soap solution.

Modern kitchen quartz countertops Charlotte Silestone



If you live in the Charlotte area and are interested in having quartz countertops fabricated and installed in your kitchen and baths, we’d like to invite you to visit our Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio conveniently located in Matthews, NC. Our designers and consultants are ready to answer your questions and help you with your selection. 

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