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How To Plan For A kitchen Remodel

Remodeling a kitchen represents a substantial investment of time and money. It requires planning and making good decisions along the way to avoid costly issues and to achieve the exact results you want.  A kitchen should be functional and look great so you and your family can enjoy it for years to come. There are a lot moving parts with a kitchen remodeling project. Hiring professional help to design a master plan for your kitchen is highly recommended to bring every elements such as storage, lighting, color, appliances, cabinetry and flooring together and achieve a coherent design that works. 

Hiring a Kitchen Remodeling Company

Collecting some ideas from recent kitchen makeovers is a good starting point so you can identify what style and elements you would like for your kitchen. From our website, you can use our online kitchen visualizer to design your kitchen and play with colors and materials for a better rendering of what the perfect kitchen would look like for you.

Hiring a company that can handle your complete kitchen remodeling project is crucial. The more contractors and companies  involved with your project, the more likely the process will fall apart along the way causing additional costs and frustrating delays (nobody wants to be out of a kitchen for longer than absolutely needed). Having one company oversee your entire kitchen remodeling is the best way to have the kitchen you want on time and on budget. 

At the Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio, we have designers ready to help you with your kitchen remodeling project and we have the resources to handle your full kitchen remodel including flooring, cabinetry, countertops, painting, backsplash, lighting and more. We are a full solution kitchen remodeling company.

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Choosing your cabinetry

Cabinetry is usually the most expensive element of a kitchen remodel so you should start there when it comes to planning and work everything else around it. Focusing on style,  color and  functionality will help you decide on a type of cabinetry . Keep in mind that the  style of your kitchen cabinets should match the overall style of your home. Will your kitchen cabinets be painted or stained on site or will they be installed already painted? If they come already painted, you will have to pick a color before hand that  will be a good fit with the the style you are wanting to achieve. 

Depending on how much space you are working with for your kitchen remodel, some colors can make the space look bigger (lighter colors) while others can accentuate elements of your kitchen (like a blue kitchen island for example). When determining the color for your kitchen cabinet, you should take in consideration flooring, wall colors and countertops. While those are fairly easy to change, changing the color of kitchen cabinets is a lot more difficult. 

Keep in mind that the more difficult it is to change an element in your kitchen, the more neutral and timeless you should go with your color selection. For example, white kitchen cabinets have been around for decades and will most likely still be in style decades from now. With elements of your kitchen that can easily be changed, like a backsplash for example, you can be a lot bolder with your style – if you have make a mistake, it will be fairly inexpensive to replace that design element with something else.


 Selecting appliances you’d like integrated with your kitchen remodel is part of the  planning process. Do you want double ovens, an oversize fridge, a beverage cooler, a dishwasher integrated with a kitchen island? Positioning appliances to maximize functionality with your kitchen layout is key to create an enjoyable space in which to cook. Having distinct zones for food prep, cooking and cleaning that form a triangle will make your kitchen more efficient and pleasant to work in. If your kitchen space is small, making sure there is no obstruction when opening appliance doors is an important part of planning. Keep in mind that a busy kitchen needs room to move so two person or more can prep, cook and clean. 

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While having a functional kitchen is important, having ample storage is also important.  If your kitchen remodeling plan does not have sufficient space to store kitchen tools, silverware, containers, cookware, etc, the kitchen space will be crowded and unpractical. In preparation for your kitchen remodel, you should know what type of storage you need. For example if you are a wine drinker, a wine cooler or shelving to store you wine might be important to you. Sliding storage is also convenient and space saving. Do you want your small appliances on display or hidden away to maximize workable counter space?  Pull out shelves are also a practical way to store plates allowing for easy access instead of having them stored high up in a kitchen cupboard.


Choosing a countertop shape, color and material is part of planning for your kitchen remodel. Quartzmarble or granite are very nice option for a kitchen and each type of material has its own benefits. Quartz and granite countertops come in a large variety of colors and therefore easier to match with other elements in your kitchen so you can achieve a coherent style. Something to consider,  lighter color countertops will show surface stains a lot easier than darker countertops. If you don’t mind being attentive to your countertops and wipe them up after ease use, then a light color countertop will do just fine.

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kitchen flooring


Choosing  a great flooring material and design  for your kitchen remodeling project will help bringing all the elements of your kitchen together. There are so many options available today for kitchen flooring: wood, tile, laminate, stone. There are hundreds of style and colors available in different size planks or tile that can be installed in one of several patterns. It can get quite overwhelming to choose a kitchen floor, but the designers at the Kitchen and Bath Design Studio can help with our selection.  Kitchen flooring needs to be hard wearing. Even though wood is a beautiful option for flooring, going with a tile that mimics wood or LVP flooring that is water resistant are better options than wood which does not resist moisture as well.

Ready to get started with your remodel? Visit our kitchen showroom conveniently located to Charlotte to speak with one of our designers and get inspired with our kitchen setups on display.

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