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Outdoor Kitchen – Reclaiming Outdoor Spaces

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, there is nothing quite like having an outdoor kitchen in your backyard. Have you ever noticed how food that is cooked outside simply taste better? There is something special and festive about cooking outdoors with family and friends.

The popularity of outdoor kitchens has gained tremendous ground for the past 10 years amongst homeowners. Once considered a luxury addition, outdoor kitchens can now be found in many Charlotte NC homes.

Outdoor kitchen benefits

If you are like most homeowners in the Charlotte area, grilling and cooking outdoors is fun. Now add low maintenance granite countertops, stainless steel faucet and sink, space for a mini fridge and storage for utensils and you’ve just “supercharged” your outdoor grilling experience. An outdoor kitchen is a fully functional kitchen with the added perk of being outdoors so you can slow down and smell the roses (literally). When cooking strong smelling food like fish for example, it is very practical to have an easy to use outdoor kitchen so you don’t permeate the entire home with unwanted scents.

We are fortunate enough to have pleasant Spring and Fall seasons in Charlotte NC, and having an outdoor kitchen only makes sense for many homeowners. It’s a great place to entertain friends and gather together with family and keeps cooking messes away from your indoor space. Outdoor kitchens increase actual living space by extending living areas to the backyard and motivates family members to spend more time together outdoors while the cooking is taken place.

To no surprise, outdoor kitchens are in high demand and sought after by home buyers and homeowners. Moneywise, outdoor kitchens are an investment that returns dividends by adding to the property value.

Having an outdoor kitchen designed for your home

The appeal of having an outdoor kitchen is to create a “retreat-like” space where you can hangout outside and cook some of your favorite food on the grill. For an outdoor kitchen to be enjoyed,  it needs to be practical to use, enjoyable for the whole family and simple to maintain and clean.

Choosing to have granite countertops custom-fabricated and installed for your outdoor kitchen is a great choice. Granite countertops are easy to maintain and easy to clean making the cooking experience easy and simple, just the way it should be when you have an outdoor kitchen. If you are ready to reclaim the outdoor space, visit the Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio  today for a free estimate to get your outdoor kitchen constructed. The Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio fabricates and installs custom granite countertops for outdoor kitchens in the Charlotte NC area.

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