Merillat BasicS™ Collection

mErillat Basics™ Collection

Merillat started in a small workshop in Adrian, Michigan back in 1946 by Orville and Ruth Merillat and has since grown into one of the nation’s largest cabinet makers and the preferred brand of cabinetry among builders. Merillat offers four lines of stylish and quality cabinetry at a variety of price levels. They include Merillat Classic®, Merillat Masterpiece®, Merillat Basics™ and Merillat Express ™. 


Merillat cabinets are certified by the Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) and meet or exceed the rigorous standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Merillat is committed to environmental sustainability by meeting and often exceeding the requirements outlined in the Environmental Stewardship Program certification administered by the KCMA.

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About the Merillat Basics™ Collection

The Basics™ Collection from Merillat  features popular looks and storage essentials that are built for everyday living at an affordable price. The Basics™ Collection comes with the latest doors styles, design elements and finish options across five distinct styles of cabinetry including the Homestead, Colony, Collins, Wesley and McDurmon. 

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Cabinet Construction

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1. Constructed to withstand daily use – with durable end panels (3/8″) firmly secured with both wood-to-wood glue and staples;

2. Moisture resistant – Natural woodgrain laminate interiors to help reduce damage from potential spills or condensation;

3. Strong Frames – Solid wood creates a stable, long-lasting foundation (1.5″ wide and 3/4 thick);

4. Reinforced perimeter – Engineered wood (1/4″) backing extends all the way to the floor adding strength to rear cabinet corners;

5. Top-down construction – Base hang rails, also made from 1/4″ engineered wood, stretch across the cabinet top helping bolster the work surface;

6. Consistent structure – Engineered wood I-beams (3/8″) are dadoed into the side panels to help keep cabinets square and maintain structural integrity; 

7. Dependable storage – Engineered wood drawers (1/2″) feature natural woodgrain laminate interiors can be upgraded to dovetail construction;

8. Reliable components – Self aligning side mounted white drawer guides (3/4″) hold up to 75 pounds and can be upgraded to SoftAction for a quiet close;

9. Additional support – Locking, solid hold, under-shelf clips provide ample support. Cabinet over 33″ in width include support cleats;

10. Sturdy shelves – 1/2″ engineered wood shelves showcase natural woodgrain and require no shelf paper;

11. Elegant function – Cabinet doors are integrated with SoftAction functionality so every close is whisper quiet

Door Styles and Finishes

Merillat Basics™ Collection features several door styles and finishes to achieve the final look you are after. Whether it’s the classic warmth of stain, the contemporary refinement of paint or the convenience of laminate, the Merillat Basics™ Collection has the door styles and finishes to complete any look.

COLLINS - Recessed Panels

Homestead - Raised Panels

Wesley - Recessed Panels

McDurmon - Recessed Panels

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Selecting a finish for your cabinetry


Paint is thicker than stain and provides greater coverage of wood grain, knotholes and natural color variations to deliver consistant and uniform coloring and sleek look that is ideal for modern kitchen designs. With paint, you can enjoy a variety of color choices and more ways ways to express your style to create a look all your own.


If you like the natural look of wood, then a stain finish is what you should go for. Merillat’s beautiful stains can subtly enhance the cabinetry’s color, wood grain and unique characteristics to make the most of what is already there – Merillat’s certified solid birch wood. A stain finish is well suited for more traditional and rustic styles of kitchen.


If you are lookin for a clean look that can withstand the most active of kitchen environments, consider the durability of laminate. Less susceptible to spills, splashes and stains from grease, dirt and more, laminate cabinets are UV resistant and easy to clean and maintain.

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