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Matching Your Kitchen Cabinets, Countertops and Flooring

When designing a new kitchen, it can be daunting to choose from all the available materials, colors, and textures. From marble countertops to hardwood flooring to modern white kitchen cabinets, which look should you go for? It all depends on your style, budget and needs. Whichever design you choose, it’s important to focus on one cohesive theme. Start with one element, then expand outward from there.


Houzz recommends starting with your lighting: if you have a smaller space that’s lacking in a lot of natural light, stick with lighter tones for your cabinetry, flooring and countertops. The opposite is true if you have a wide open space with plenty of windows to flood the room with light. In this case, you may be better off going with a darker tone on those three elements for more of a contrast. There are many online tools to help you decide which color schemes will go best together like the virtual designer on our site. This is a great way to kick start the visualization process. However, designing tools can make things a little confusing, as there are endless options you can quickly tire of.

In general, when faced with the decision of dark vs. light, start with the cabinetry and work from there. At the heart of design is contrast: keep that in mind throughout the process and you can’t go wrong. The trend right now is light countertops against dark cabinets – but the reverse is true if you’re looking for a classic look. Better Homes and Gardens says white or off-white Shaker-style doors create a light and clean look in a kitchen, offering an enduring and versatile appeal in many types of kitchens, from traditional to modern.

Matching Your Kitchen Cabinets, Countertops and Flooring 2


It’s best to visit PRO-TOPS’ design center and speak with one of our designers to discuss style options for a personalized look. Ask for samples, mix and match them, live around them for a few days, and use paint samples to bring the whole look together. You will quickly find what works in conjunction with all three elements. Balance out the patterns in the countertops you choose with your flooring. For instance, if your flooring is a muted tone of beige, you are safe to go with a countertop that has a variety of swirls and patterns. If your flooring is busy, go with a more natural or solid pattern with your countertops.


Appearance isn’t the only concern you have when matching countertops, flooring and cabinetry. Convenience and functionality also come into play. For instance, keep in mind that quartz is just as good an option as granite, and it doesn’t have to be sealed. That’s one less household chore you have to worry about each year. Hardwood flooring is an excellent aesthetic choice in the kitchen, but it’s not as practical as porcelain tile or stone because regular household cleaners can’t be used on hardwood. If you have children, and spills and stains are a part of life, you may want to nix the hardwood for now. 

While it can be frustrating at first matching your kitchen cabinets, floors, and countertops, remember the process should be fun. The result should be an extension of your home’s personality, showing off yet another component of your style that blends form, function and aesthetics in one room.

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