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Opting for Marble Countertops in Your Kitchen

Marble, as a building material, has been used throughout history and has passed the test of time with flying colors. Today, marble countertops are still found in kitchens across America for one good reason: their unparalleled beauty. While marble is not the most practical or most efficient material for kitchen countertops compared to granite and quartz, it is still top of mind for kitchen aficionados and chefs who enjoy baking and cooking at home and for those who like the refined and distinct look of marble surfaces. More often than not, you will find marble countertops in gourmet kitchens and the homes of cooking enthusiasts. Below we discuss some of the reasons behind the continuing popularity of marble.

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By far, the look of marble is a major selling point for this countertop material. They are beautiful and have a timeless appearance.  No other countertop material can compare to marble countertops with their natural veining, unique hues and luminescence. Each slab of marble is also unique, which contributes to the appeal of that material compared to quartz which is a man-made material. While some quartz surfaces try to mimic the look of real marble, there is not quite as stunning as the real thing.

Marble has an innate beauty that is unparalleled by any other natural stone or man-made solid surfaces. Homeowners who chooses marble countertops over granite or quartz does so because of the beauty of marble.  Tactilely, marble countertops also fee different from granite and quartz. 

Marble countertops are available in several colors including white,  gray, back, green and brown. The most popular colors currently are white, gray and black. The markings and colors of marble are created by a natural process that occurs from sedimentary dolomite and limestone rock. 


Among all natural stones and man-made solid surfaces to choose from, marble is still considered a durable countertop material. While not has hard as granite and quartzite , and not as stain-resistant and easy to maintain as quartz, marble is still a durable material and an acceptable option for kitchen countertops. If not sealed and maintained regularly, marble countertops can become stained and etched from acidic spills (tomato sauce, lemon juice, wine, etc..). Having marble countertops means you are okay with the upkeep, on-going maintenance and yearly sealing. After all, it’s a small price to pay to have such a magnificent piece of nature in your kitchen. On a side note, the relative “softness” of marble makes it easier to create complex and sophisticated edge profiles. 

marble countertops in kitchen
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Heat resistance

Aside from its natural beauty, one the advantages of marble is that it is cool to the touch. This is particularly beneficial when it comes to preparing pastries and baked goods. Marble surfaces are ideal to knead and roll dough, as well as to work with melting chocolate. Marble countertops are the professional chefs and home bakers favorite surfaces to work on. While marble is heat resistant and won’t burn,  you still should be careful when placing hots pots and pans directly onto marble surfaces.

Versatile finish

Marble countertops come in one of two finishes: honed and polished. The major difference between honed and polished marble surfaces is how reflective and shiny they are. Honed countertops won’t reflect light as much and will look more matte than polished marbled. While honed marble countertops won’t etch and show scratches as easily as polished countertops, polished countertops will repelled stains better and are less porous than honed countertops. When making your decision on a finish for your marble countertops, keep in mind the style of your kitchen. Honed marble countertops that look whiter and matte will look better in an organic and modern kitchen, whereas polished marble countertops will look better in a classic and traditional kitchen. 

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If you are interested in having marble countertops designed and installed for your kitchen, contact or visit the Complete Kitchen and Bath Design studio today. We are the local leader in kitchen remodeling and have installed thousands of kitchens near Charlotte since the beginning of our operations over 20 years ago. We have designers on staff, floor samples and complete kitchen setups for you to view in our showroom conveniently located in Matthews. 

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