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Kitchen Remodeling Trends

With spring almost here, many homeowners are looking to clean up their kitchens, clear out the clutter, and do some remodeling. Take a look around the room. Is it cramped, outdated or sadly in need of a decor spruce? Does it flow well or are you constantly bumping into countertops and other people to get where you need to be? Does it allow for meal preparation, eating, relaxation and entertainment all at the same time? People spend a lot of time in the kitchen — both hosts and guests — so it should be efficient for you while comfortable for them, says Architectural Digest. That means open spaces, accommodating traffic flow, and plenty of seating and surfaces for serving and dining. Of course, you also want your kitchen to be beautiful, so here are some kitchen remodeling trends that are hot.


This is one of the most surprising kitchen remodeling trends – brass finishes are making a comeback thanks to their golden shine yet low price tag, says Forbes. Satin brass in particular is what’s hot right now rather than a reflective finish. That’s because satin or brushed brass is muted, warm, transitional, inviting, and complementary to many styles — not to mention it doesn’t show fingerprints as readily as other types.

Kitchen with brass hardware


Traditional kitchens feature cabinetry and storage drawers all over the kitchen — some above the stove, some below the sink, wherever there is counter space. The new trend is to get rid of the expanses of upper cabinets and designate one wall to do all the heavy duty storage work, complete with varying sizes of drawers, cabinets, hooks, dividers and more. Not only does this give you more space throughout the rest of the kitchen, it contains all your storage needs in one place without having to rummage all over the place when you need a container, some plastic wrap or even a bottle of wine.


The functionality of the kitchen is improving this year, too, with the increased popularity of hydraulic cabinet doors and drawers being one of the hottest kitchen remodeling trends. You’ll see more and more hardware manufacturers offering hydraulic, easy-to-close doors that fold up and out of the way with the touch of a button — perfect for kitchens where space is at a premium, says HGTV.

Automated kitchen cabinets


There’s a reason classic color combinations never really go away — they’re versatile, fit with any decor and have a traditional appeal while applying a modern touch. High contrast colors are in, specifically when it comes to white lacquer cabinets against true black granite countertops. Perhaps its appeal lies in the fact it introduces a tension between traditional and modern, with warm rustic hardwood floors acting as an effective counterpoint to sleek cabinet materials like this kitchen here.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends 1


The trend this year in islands is to incorporate guest seating as well as work, prep and cleanup space. It’s important to move island seating away from the main working area to visually separate task areas yet encourage seamless flow. HGTV says to allow light to stream through the kitchen, stick with a single-level island. This also allows you to increase the intimacy of the space as well as expand valuable prep areas as shown here. This should allow you to work efficiently while your family members or guests hang out at the other end.


While stainless steel sinks have ruled the kitchen for most of the 2000s, the trend is moving away from this and toward something alarmingly reminiscent of the 70s: avocado green apron-front sinks like this one. Adding a pop of color with the sink can transform a neutral kitchen by creating a focal point that you can even carry over to the backsplash for more impact.

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