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Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2022

If you’d like to know what’s in store for 2022 kitchen remodeling trends, looking at what choices homeowners have been making recently for their kitchen remodel is the best way to determine what will be hot (and not so hot) in 2022. Houzz recently released its Kitchen Trends Study for 2022. That study took in consideration the remodeling choices of 2,400 homeowners who recently completed a kitchen remodeling, are in the middle of one or are planning to remodel their kitchen in 2002. 


Major Trends in Kitchen Remodeling 

Some major kitchen remodeling trends expected to continue in 2022 include Shaker-style kitchen cabinets, contrasting colors between kitchen cabinets and the kitchen island (blue being the leading color), white countertops (quartz and marble) and white backsplash (some going all the way up to the ceiling), island pendant lights (industrial look),  stainless steel appliances , as well as high tech appliances. 

White is in and here to stay in 2022. White kitchens look bright, clean and reflect light. White is the most popular color among homeowners for different elements in the kitchen  – 41% of homeowners  have chosen white kitchen cabinets; 40% have chosen white backsplash and 32% have chosen white walls.

White kitchen with blue island kitchen remodel


 Looking at 2,400 kitchen remodeling projects, the national average cost for a major kitchen remodel was $40,000 while the cost for a minor kitchen remodel was about $10,000. More specifically, for kitchen less than 250 square feet, the national average cost for a major kitchen remodel was $35,000 and $10,000 for a minor kitchen remodel. For kitchens over 250 square feet, the national average cost for a major kitchen remodeling project was $50,000 and $14,000 for a minor kitchen remodeling project.  Homeowners are spending more than ever on kitchen remodels. This could be due to the national shortage of available homes for sale and more and more homeowners opting to improve their home rather that buying a new one. 

The majority of kitchen remodeling (65%) involved replacing all the kitchen cabinets while 30% involved replacing some of the cabinets. Solid wood cabinets were the most popular type of kitchen cabinets, especially Shaker-style cabinets. 43% of homeowners chose custom cabinets while 35% went with semi-custom kitchen cabinetry.

kitchen remodel Charlotte NC

MOST HOMEOWNERS HIRE Kitchen Remodeling Companies TO HANDLE THEIR PRoject

The majority of homeowners, 89%, hired a professional kitchen remodeling company like the Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio to handle their kitchen remodel. This statistic highlights that more than ever, homeowners want their kitchen remodels to be done right by qualified companies.  Homeowners are also hiring cabinetmakers (31%) to install their kitchen cabinets.


When remodeling their kitchens, 91% of homeowners have replaced or plan to replace their countertops and 42% of those homeowners are choosing quartz for their countertops, followed by 24% choosing granite countertops, and 9% choosing Quartzite. A majority of homeowners (39%) chose white for their kitchen countertops color, followed by multicolor countertops (24%) with gray color countertops being less popular.

kitchen island remodel Charlotte NC

Larger Kitchen Islands

A quarter of homeowners who added an island to their kitchen remodel went with a kitchen island top that contrasted with other countertops in the kitchen. Kitchen islands account for a big part of a kitchen remodel with 57% of homeowners adding or updating an island during their kitchen remodel. The size of kitchen islands is also getting bigger. 39% of kitchen islands installed measured 7 feet in length or more.

Tall Backsplash

As part of their kitchen remodel, 86% of homeowners replaced their backsplash. 56% of those homeowners went with ceramic or porcelain tile (subway tile), 11% went with marble. Backsplash installation included 66% of installation going from the top of the countetop to the upper cabinets and range hood, 20% did a partial cover while 10% had their backsplash going all the way up to the ceiling.

kitchen backsplash remodel Charlotte NC


In regards to flooring, the demand for luxury vinyl flooring is up. Vinyl came in at the number 2 spot after hardwood floor in their kitchen. Vinyl flooring has come a long way and appeals to more and more homeowners because of their look, cost, durability and moisture resistance.

beverage fridge in island kitchen remodel Charlotte NC

High tech appliances

When remodeling their kitchen, homeowners do like to invest in high tech appliances, and there are plenty to choose from nowadays! According to Houzz, over 30% of appliances upgraded during a kitchen remodel have high tech features that leverage wireless technology and smart phones.

Beverage refrigerators

Beverage refrigerators are more and more common with kitchen remodels. Whether it is to store wine or every day beverages, 20% of homeowners have beverage fridges in their kitchen.

If you live in the Charlotte area and are in the market for a kitchen remodel, we would love to hear from you. The Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio is a great place to visit to speak with designers and plan your upcoming kitchen remodel. We sell and install kitchen countertops, backsplashes, kitchen cabinets and flooring.  

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