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Kitchen Remodeling – Five Trends To Watch For In 2015

Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2015

Trends in home design are constantly evolving, and for 2015, big changes are being made in kitchen remodeling fashions. Unlike kitchen designs of the past that focused on a kitchen that was completely separate from the living area and was adorned with stainless steel features, keep an eye out for these top kitchen remodeling design trends for kitchen living for 2015:

Oil-Rubbed Bronze Fixtures and Appliances

A year ago, stainless steel was all the rage for kitchen remodeling projects. Now, oil-rubbed bronze fixtures and appliances are making a splash in sinks, faucets, knobs, and towel rings throughout the kitchen. In fact, bronze is even being used for refrigerators and stoves, ovens and microwaves. The bronze provides a much warmer tone for the kitchen, creating the feeling of a Tuscan villa or modern masterpiece.

Open Shelving

Cabinets are archaic in their use and function, and hiding pots and pans, spices and boxed crackers behind closed doors has long made sense. For 2015, though, expect to see open shelving that’s both welcoming and user-friendly in more kitchen remodeling projects. While not all shelving will be open, displaying plates, bowels, and spices for all eyes to see helps add a homey feel to a kitchen, and improves kitchen functionality.

Bold Backsplashes

Up until now, kitchen backsplashes have been banal and bland. But backsplashes are finally getting their moment to shine with the trend for 2015 being nothing short of brash boldness for kitchen backsplashes. Whether it be bright colors that contrast sharply with other elements of the kitchen, or repetitive and intricate patterns (often in the form of stones), the backsplash is getting a makeover and is an important part of any kitchen remodeling project.

The End of the Dining Table

 Believe it or not, the traditional dining table has finally seen its last days. In an attempt to save on space (especially with the popularity of smaller homes that offer open spaces) and make the kitchen a more inclusive space with a community feel, the dining table is being replaced with kitchen islands that offer bar stool seating.

New Technology in Appliances

A kitchen remodeling project in the year 2015 wouldn’t be complete without all the latest and greatest in terms of kitchen and appliance technology. From steam ovens to automatic sinks to Wi-Fi enabled gadgets to refrigerators that can spot spoiled food, there’s not a lot to be left to the imagination in terms of what’s hi-tech in the kitchen.

Learn About How to Remodel Your Kitchen for the New Year Today

The new trends in kitchen remodeling and design for 2015 are more than just functional; they’re fun, too. With simplicity and open-living being all the rage, expect a sense of community living and more warmth to the kitchen than ever before. If you’re a home owner in the Charlotte area who’s excited about the prospects of remodeling your kitchen to include some of the design trends mentioned above, call PRO-TOPS of Charlotte today to discuss your kitchen remodeling needs.

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