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Kitchen Remodeling Design Pitfalls To Avoid

So you are ready to upgrade your kitchen. Fantastic… kitchen remodeling is an investment that will return…if done right. The Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio is a premier kitchen remodeling company serving Charlotte NC and the surrounding areas. Our professionals recommend that you avoid the following design pitfalls if you want to reap the most enjoyment and benefits from your kitchen remodeling project.

Avoid being a trend setter with your kitchen remodeling project

New trends come and go all the time. Some trends last for a decade or more. Some others are here one year and gone the next. Being a trend setter has its perks and risks when it comes to kitchen remodeling, but being a trend setter with your kitchen design could end up costing you big if it flops. Be careful of your choice of colors for your kitchen cabinets, natural stone countertops and choice of high-end appliances. If you want to be trendy, do so with elements in your kitchen that can easily be replaced (small appliances, wall art, accessories…).

Pick the right size for your kitchen island

Adding a kitchen island is a great addition. It adds storage space, surface space to prepare, serve and eat food.  But before you go ahead and factor in your budget a kitchen as part of your kitchen remodeling project, you will need to consider a few things so so it does not become the elephant in the room. First, your kitchen island should be proportional to your kitchen – not too big and not too small. The Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio does not recommend having an island if your kitchen is less than 12 feet long by 8 feet wide. The kitchen island itself should also not be less than 4 feet long by 2 feet wide. Where you place the island should not interfere with the natural flow of traffic in your kitchen. There should ample space to go around it and it should not obstruct access to the sink, fridge, and stove.

Having too little counter top work space

Storage, cabinet space and counter top space are important features. If your kitchen remodeling plan calls for a design that leaves only a small counter top space to prepare food, permanently store small appliances and accessories, it is just unpractical. If your counter top space is limited because of the layout of your kitchen, but you have enough space to implement a kitchen island, this would give you more work and storage surface.

No having enough storage space

It’s pretty amazing how much “stuff” we need in the kitchen. Some of it is bulky and require more storage space so it can be put away and concealed while other things like small appliances might have a permanent place on your countertops. When planning for your kitchen remodeling project and designing your kitchen cabinet configuration, make sure to plan for ample storage so you can store all those kitchen tools, gadgets, and small appliances that make it so fun and pleasant to cook in the kitchen. Extending kitchen cabinet to the ceiling, installing cabinets above your fridge and building a kitchen island with smart storage can make your kitchen very efficient.

Budget to have a tall backsplash installed

When having granite countertops fabricated and installed, a small backsplash (usually 4 to 6 inches high) will be installed at the same. However, that type of backsplash is not sufficient to provide adequate protection against steam, grease, food splashes and spills. The best time to have a backsplash installed is at the time you have your countertops installed. Make sure your backsplash runs high behind your stove, stink and food prep area for maximum protection. Backsplashes are easy to clean, much more so than painted walls.

Getting over your head with DIY kitchen remodeling

If you are handy, great for you…but know your limitations. If you are not 100% sure of what you are doing, contact a kitchen remodeling company like PRO TOPS to help you with your kitchen remodeling project. PRO TOPS has extensive experience with kitchen remodeling. Our professionals install natural stone and engineered solid surface countertops, kitchen cabinets, flooring, backlspashes and more. For a beautiful kitchen, the Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio today.

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