Looking for an experienced and reputable kitchen remodeling company in Charlotte? The Kitchen and Bath Design Studio is your Charlotte connection for everything kitchens and baths. Our local showroom is open to the public and a great place to visit for ideas and inspiration, to see the newest trend for kitchen and bath and to speak with industry professionals about your remodeling plans.

We are the leading kitchen remodeling company in Charlotte have served the area for over 20 years. Our parent companies, PRO-TOPS and  FMA Construction are local leaders in countertop fabrication, cabinetry installation and flooring installation. We have the expertise, talent and resources to make your kitchen and bath remodeling project a complete success. 

WE're the leading kitchen remodeling Company in charlotte

With so many kitchen remodeling  companies and contractors serving the Charlotte area, why you should choose the Kitchen and Bath Design Studio for your upcoming remodel? Below are a few points you should consider when deciding whether or not we are the right kitchen remodeling company for your project.

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1. Experience

The Kitchen and Bath Design Studio is the result of several companies in the same family combining experience and resources accumulated over 20 years  in the building and remodeling industry to provide an all in one solution to homeowners seeking to remodel their kitchen and baths in the Charlotte area. 

The level of expertise, professional guidance, workmanship and customer service you will get from the Kitchen and Bath Design Studio is second to none. 

With over 100 employees strong, we design and install over 1000 kitchen and bath countertops per month in the Charlotte area. We also install cabinetry, flooring, drywall and offer painting services to provide a full solution for kitchen and bath remodel. 

From start to finish, we are able to handle all parts of a kitchen remodeling and bath remodeling project. Designers, installers, licensed professionals and customer service specialists are at your service so you get the smoothest and best experience possible. 

2. Resources and Technology

To handle the high demand for our remodeling services, process efficiency is key to a smooth operation. We have the industry connections, resources, management, technology and logistics in place to deliver the best overall experience possible. From our local plant in Monroe, we design beautiful granite, quartz and marble countertops using state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to speed up fabrication without compromising quality. As a result, we are able to substantially cut the lead time needed to install countertops at our customers’ home.  Because we professionally install cabinetry and flooring as well, there is no delay when remodeling a kitchen or bath because all is handled by our company. By having the Kitchen and Bath Design Studio do all the work, it gives us much better control over the quality of the installation and products installed and timeframes to complete the work. We do it all at a very competitive price without the challenges of having to coordinate with several contractors to perform the work.   
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3. Styles and Trends

One of the advantages of being the leading kitchen remodeling company in Charlotte is that we keep up with all the latest trends, styles and designs. Working with builders and residential customers on over 3000 projects every year has given us an edge compared to other kitchen and bath remodeling companies in Charlotte. We see first-hand what materials, colors and style are most in demand and fine-tune our product offerings accordingly so we have the best selection of colors and materials for our customers. With hundreds of design options available from countertops to cabinetry to flooring, it can become a little overwhelming picking materials, colors and styles for your kitchen and bath remodel. Fortunately, our design consultants are available to guide you in designing your space if you need the assistance. We offer a large selection of quartz, marble and granite countertops, as well as hundreds of options for tiles for backsplashes and floors. We work with the top cabinet makers and flooring manufacturers in the nation.

If you live in the Charlotte area and are looking for a reputable, highly experienced, kitchen remodeling company,  we invite you to visit our Kitchen and Bath Design Studio to speak with one of our design consultants and see all the options that are available to you.

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