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Kitchen Countertops – Choosing A Stove Type For Your Kitchen

So you’ve decided to upgrade your existing kitchen countertops with natural stone. That’s fantastic! We know you will be enjoying them. Before starting your kitchen countertops fabrication process, you should consider whether or not you will also be upgrading the major appliances in your kitchen like your stove, dishwasher and fridge.

It is important to know ahead of constructing your countertops, the type and the exact measurements of the major kitchen appliances you will be using. It’s much easier to construct kitchen countertops to fit your major kitchen appliances than retrofitting them to fit your appliances or finding appliances that will fit your countertops. Keep in mind that many appliances have different width, height and depth. This will play a major role in the design of your kitchen countertops.

Choosing a stove for your kitchen remodel

There are several types of stove to choose from such as gas or electric, cooktop or range, traditional range or slider range. A cooktop, as the name indicates is fitted on top of kitchen countertops and is held by a lip all around the cooktop. The control knobs are usually located on top or in the front of the cooktop. The oven is usually separate from the cooktop and located somewhere else in the kitchen, usually fitted within the kitchen cabinetry. There usually is cabinetry underneath the cooktop. The finish look is great with continuous cabinetry across, an uninterrupted view of the backsplash and a slick finish since the cooktop drops in kitchen countertop opening. A cooktop mounted on a countertop is a nice feature that prevents food spills and crumbs from falling or being caught between the kitchen countertops and the cooktop. Exact size specs for the cooktop will be needed prior to the stone countertops construction as an insert within the countertops will be created to accommodate for the cooktop, in the same manner an over mount sink would be installed on stone countertops.

A range on the contrary, will include the cooktop and oven, as one piece, that sits on the floor. There are two types of oven range – the traditional type whereas the control knobs are on a back panel and the slider type range that does not have a back panel, but where the control knobs are located in the front. With a traditional range, no granite will be installed behind the range. The granite countertops will stop on each side of the range creating an opening where the range will fit and be pushed back against the back wall. With a slider range, a piece of granite is constructed behind the range so the range is “encased”.

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