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Granite Countertops – How To Care For Them?

So you have taken the plunge and bought beautiful granite countertops for your kitchen. Now you’re wondering…it’s worth every dollar you paid, but it wasn’t cheap, so how are you going to care of it to make sure it lasts you a life time? The company that installed your granite countertops told you all about how to take care of your granite countertops, but in the midst of all the excitement, you kind of forgot. To refresh your memory, the pros at the Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio have listed some maintenance and cleaning tips for your granite countertops below.

Granite is a very hard natural stone, one of the hardest actually. It’s beautiful, but it’s not invincible. It resists heat, it resists scratching, but it’s somewhat porous, and if you climb on it, you could break off a piece especially at the corners where there is an overhang.

Overall, granite countertops are low maintenance and by just “loving on them” a little, they will pay you dividends by staying beautiful for a very, very long time.

Basic care for your granite countertops

To start, your granite countertops should be sealed regularly. Even though some granite countertops are said to not need sealing, it’s better to seal them than to be sorry you did not. Sealing should be done every year. You’ll know it’s time to re-seal when you pour drops of water on your granite countertops and they don’t bead up like they use to.

Before sealing your countertops, check the seams and look for surface cracks and discolorations if any. If something does not look right, contact Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio so we can evaluate the problem(s).

Even though granite countertops are heat and scorch resistant, you should avoid putting hot pots directly onto its surface. Instead, use a trivet to be on the safe side.

Beware of big temperature extremes. For example in the winter, when your countertops surface may be colder than usual, use a trivet under your hot pots. Even though granite countertops are not too susceptible to heat, there are susceptible to wide temperature differentials.

Cleaning your granite countertops

You should form the habit of wiping spills from your countertops as soon as they occur. Even though water will not cause staining, oily and acids spills will. To clean your granite tops, use a soft cloth, warm water and a pH balance soap. Wipe / clean the parts of your countertops that are most used. Dry the area. Repeat every day. Once a week, use a solution made for granite to clean and wipe down your entire countertops. You should never use acidic or harsh cleaners and don’t use sponges that have an abrasive surface (like Brillo pads). If you spill oil, spot clean it, don’t wipe it.

If you haven’t taken care of your cleaning duties, you may need to use a heavy duty degreaser made for granite countertops to remove grease and grime.

If your granite countertops need repairs or need to be evaluated by a professional in the Charlotte area, visit the Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio today.

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