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The Complete Kitchen and Bath Design studio conveniently located in Matthews offers the best selection of granite countertops in the Charlotte area for your kitchen remodeling project. We are backed by our parent company, PRO-TOPS, a long time local leader in the fabrication and installation of top quality kitchen countertops with production capabilities exceeding 60 units per day. 

We sell, design and install some of the finest granite countertops available in the Charlotte area at a very competitive price and offer fast turnaround installations. Our countertops have been installed in thousands of brand new homes and kitchen remodeling projects across the Charlotte region over the past 24 years. 

If you are planning for a kitchen remodel or bath remodel and live in the Charlotte area, we invite you to visit our kitchen and bath showroom in Matthews where you can view  granite countertops we currently have on display ( read about how to select a granite slab for your project) and speak with our kitchen and bath designers on staff. 

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Why Choose Granite countertops For Your Home?

Granite countertops are versatile and remain an excellent choice for kitchen. countertops. The appeal, as compared to man-made countertop materials like quartz, is that granite slabs are truly unique since they were created by forces of nature. Even though some slabs may resemble each other, especially when choosing from Level 1 slabs,  every slab is 100% unique because it was formed naturally over time. 

There is just something special about having a granite countertop in your kitchen that was made out of of slab that is millions of years old. It’s really a piece of unique natural history that you just can’t get  with quartz countertops.

As granite has become more mainstream over the years, you will find this countertop material  in all kind of homes and applications, from entry level homes with Level 1 slabs to luxury homes with Level 2, 3 or exotic slabs.  Granite countertops create a classic and refined look in kitchens as compared to quartz countertops which are a good fit in modern and contemporary  kitchen setups.

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granite countertops fabrication and installation in Charlotte NC

Heat Resistance of Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are a great choice for several reasons. They are extremely hard, durable, scratch and heat resistant and easy to maintain and clean. One of the main differences between granite and quartz countertops that is not often discussed is that granite can sustain heat a lot better than quartz. You can literally take a hot pot from the oven and set it on your granite countertops without risk of damaging the surface. The same can’t be said about quartz countertops and that’s because quartz countertops are made of crushed quartz held together by resin. The crushed quartz on their own are heat resistant, but not the resin that holds them together. Putting a hot pot straight onto a quartz countertops will discolor the surface.  A granite slab will not melt, blister, nor change color when exposed to heat. That is not the case with other man-made and natural stone countertops like marble.


Have you ever wondered why quartz countertops are not used for outdoor kitchens? That’s because when exposed to the sun, a couple of issues could arise: when exposed to direct sunlight, quartz countertops can fade, the resin used in the manufacturing of the slab will turn yellow and if they get too much heat from the sun, the surface could become damaged. So if your kitchen countertop gets a lot of sunlight from a window or is right under skylights, going with granite countertops would be a much better option. Being a natural stone, granite is a great material from kitchen countertops either indoors or outdoors. 

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Because of the different natural hues in granite countertops, they are fun to match with the rest of a kitchen when doing a remodel. Natural colors are perfect to create an earthy and warm look.  If you are looking for something truly unique, granite countertops are the way to go. The Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio has hundreds of slabs your can choose from with several levels of slabs available from basic to exotic, whatever your preference is. Once you’ve selected your slab, we will design your kitchen countertop from it, with the edge profile you like and will have it installed in your home without long delays.

The Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio located in Matthews is the perfect showroom to visit to get inspired about your granite countertops. We have floor displays and designers on staff who can guide you with your kitchen remodeling project.

Sourcing Granite Slabs

To offer our Charlotte customers the best selection of granite colors, we source slabs from around the world. Since granite is nature-made, we inspect each slab for defects to make sure our customers get the nicest looking granite ones from which their kitchen countertops will be designed.  The granite slabs we sell and install are polished only on one side and edges can be finished in one of several styles available. We also sell sinks and faucets to go with new countertops. 

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Granite slabs are ranked by levels – Level 1 through Level 3, as well as exotic granite slabs. Levels indicate how rare or readily available a particular color of granite is. They do not indicate quality level. All granite slabs are of the same quality and durability. 

Level 1 granite includes the most common colors. Level 3 granite includes stone colors that are rare and exotic. Lower levels of stone are often uniform and consistent, while higher levels have more irregular patterns, also called “movement”. 

Even though granite slabs may be classified as the same color, there might be variations in tint, and certain colors can be more prevalent in one slab over the other, even though, technically, they are the same colors. 

Fast Turn Around Installation

To make it possible for our customers to have beautiful new countertops installed in their home in a matter of days, not months, we inventory large quantities of granite slabs locally and use state-of-the art fabrication equipment to fabricate countertops. In turn, this decreases the lead time required to fabricate and install countertops at our customers’ homes. At the Kitchen and Bath Design Studio, we truly make it possible to have beautiful new countertops installed in your home in three weeks or less from the time you give us the go ahead. View some of our work

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How to care for granite countertops

Granite is one the hardest and toughest material used to make countertops. Aside from its inherent natural beauty, granite’s durability is what makes it a great choice for kitchen countertops. Even though granite countertops are heat and scorch resistant, it is recommended to use trivets for very hot pots to avoid issues related to high temperature differentials between hot pots and a cold granite surface. Granite countertops have low porosity, but still need to be sealed yearly to prevent staining and etching. Spills should be wiped promptly, especially if they are oily or acidic. 

To clean your granite tops, simply use a soft cloth, a PH balanced soap and water. Never use harsh chemicals on your granite counters and do not use abrasive sponges. That’s it! Read more about how to take care of your granite countertops.

Some Of our Granite Countertops Work


If you live in the Charlotte area and are interested in having new granite countertops made for your home, we’d love to hear from you! Wether it’s for your kitchen, baths or both, come visit us at the Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio. We have granite countertops on display as well as samples of colors we carry and install. We offer Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and exotic granite. Our kitchen and bath showroom is a great place to get inspired and to speak with kitchen and bath professionals about your remodeling project.

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