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Granite Countertops – Selecting The Right Color

Have you ever noticed how having too many choices can actually complicate things a bit…or a lot? A couple of decades ago, color choices for granite countertops were limited and life was simpler then. Now, with hundreds of colors to choose from, and granite slabs with varying patterns and hues, the task of picking a great color for granite countertops has become increasingly complicated.

Nowadays, the granite slabs you find at your local Charlotte granite fabricator or granite wholesaler come from all around. Because of better transportation logistics, the world is getting smaller which means that getting your hands on exotic granite slabs is both easier and more affordable than ever before even though granite still leads the pack for price per square foot.

The durability of granite countertops and the cost to have them custom-fabricated and installed make it even more important to select colors, patterns and hues that match your kitchen main elements (kitchen cabinets, flooring, wall colors…). Once your selection has been made, you will live with the color / look you selected for a long time since granite countertop are so durable unless you ‘re planning on spending additional dollars to remodel sooner.

The professional at the Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio of Charlotte can assist you in selecting a great color for your granite countertops, but when you come to our store to view our large inventory of granite slabs in Charlotte, you should bring samples from your kitchen such as a door from your kitchen cabinets, samples of your flooring and wall paint. Consider your appliances when selecting a color for your granite countertops, especially if you are not planning to upgrade those appliances. For example, a cream color granite counter top might not be best matched with white appliances.

With samples in hand, place them in and around the granite slab you selected so you can picture what the final result will look like. Bring pictures of your kitchen too to help with your selection. Consider natural and artificial lighting in your kitchen. It is usually best to contrast cabinet colors and countertops a little so as to not make everything too light or too dark.

Keep in mind that every granite slab is unique. Shopping on line for colors is a start, but going to your local granite countertops fabricator is a must to make sure you are getting what you want. The Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio has one of the largest inventory of granite slabs in stock. We invite you to come and visit our showroom. The professionals at the Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio will be able to assist you in selecting the right color countertops for your home.

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