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Edge profiles – 4 tips to select a great edge profile for your granite countertops

Selecting an edge profile for your new granite countertops seems like it would be an easy task, but there are a few things you should consider to avoid making a mistake when choosing one. To help you with this task, the granite professionals at the Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio in Charlotte are sharing a few tips below.

Consider your kitchen style

There are many edge profiles available. Edge profiles range in style from sophisticated to modern. Before selecting an edge profile for your countertops, consider the style of your kitchen – is your kitchen modern, rustic, country, sophisticated? Selecting an edge profile that does not match your kitchen style will end being an eyesore. Keep in mind the style of your kitchen cabinets when selecting the edge profile for your granite countertops. If possible bring pictures of your kitchen to our showroom and visualize what edge profile would look best or browse through our edge profile gallery.

Be wary of trends that call for eclectic and mix-matching styles. Choosing the wrong countertops color or wrong edge profile could be a costly mistake. Trends come and go and being too trendy seldom pays off when it comes to kitchens.

Daily use of your granite countertops

Some of us enjoy cooking and spend lots of time in the kitchen preparing food. If you are a “chef” who spends long hours in the kitchen prepping food, selecting an edge profile for your granite countertops that is “comfortable” to lean against is a must. Edge profiles with sharper edges can make it less enjoyable and uncomfortable to lean against, especially when it is for long periods of time when preparing meals.


Children love to play. They run, get distracted and bump into things. If you countertops have sharp edges, they could become a hazard for the younger ones in your home. For safety reason, rounded edge profiles, or flat edge profiles might be better option if you have young children.

Cleaning your granite countertops

One of the appeals of granite countertops is that they are fairly easy to clean and maintain, especially if there is no seam and you have opted for an undermount kitchen sink. However, sophisticated edge profiles with intricate designs and cuts can act as a magnet for dust, food spills and grime and can be difficult to clean. If you want to make it easier and simpler to care for your granite countertops, select an edge profile that is simple and easy to clean.

For assistance with all your granite countertops needs in the Charlotte area, visit the Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio today. We are the leading granite countertops fabricator and installer in the Charlotte area.

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