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Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Faucet

This article is the first installment of a two-part series that was written to provide you guidance in selecting the perfect kitchen faucet for your home. From traditional to professional grade, there are many kitchen faucets available to choose from. If you are planning to remodel your kitchen with the Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio and we are fabricating countertops for you, you’ll need to know what type of kitchen faucet you want ahead of the fabrication process so we can cut out hole(s) in your countertops to fit your faucet. Some of the decisions you will need to make regarding your faucet include shape, size, feature and finish.


When choosing a kitchen faucet, you will need to consider the height and reach of your faucet. 

The height of the faucet refers to the height as measured from the countertop surface to the top of the spout. We recommend you select a faucet height that is proportional to your sink. A shallow sink basin and high spout can generate excessive water backsplash. Deep kitchen basin(s) are a better choice for taller kitchen faucets. Keep in mind that the higher the faucet’s spout is from the kitchen basin base, the more practical it will be to wash / rinse tall pots. Tall kitchen faucets are popular but be sure the height of the faucet does not get in the way of other kitchen features such as a window or shelf. 

Kitchen Faucet Measurements

The reach of the faucet refers to the lateral distance between where the faucet connects to the sink / countertop and the furtherest point on the faucet spout. This is basically how far the faucet extends over the sink. As a rule of thumb, your kitchen faucet spout should be aligned vertically with your sink’s drain.


kitchen faucet position


When shopping for a kitchen faucet, be sure to take in consideration the space (margin) between the faucet and backsplash. Specifically, pay attention to the way the handle controlling the faucet temperature moves. If the handle is operated by moving it back and forth, there must be enough margin between the faucet and the backsplash so the faucet can operated as intended without the handle hitting the backsplash. If in doubt, ask one of the professionals at PRO-TOPS of Charlotte or read the product specifications and requirements.


What type of sink will you be using with your new faucet? If you are keeping your existing sink and it already has pre-drilled faucet holes, make sure the faucet you select matches that configuration. With an undercount sink, there is more flexibility as to how many holes need to be cut. Be sure to inform Pro-Tops about your faucet configuration ahead of your kitchen counter top fabrication. Even though some faucets look like they would only need one hole, they may actually require additional holes to be cut out. 



Spouts come in different shapes including the traditional 45-degree angle, pull down / pull out, gooseneck, bridge faucets and everything in between including variations of each type of faucets. Choose a style that matches your new kitchen type, whether it’s farm-style, contemporary or traditional.

If you live in the metro Charlotte area and plan to remodel you kitchen, we would love to hear about your project and to have the opportunity to earn your business. Call us today or fill out our online quote request form to get started today! 

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