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Kitchen designs and materials have evolved a lot over the past two decades. Some trends have come and gone, while others appear to be here to stay. The kitchen has become the central place of our home where we are free to experiment with food as well as with design and style. With all the material and color options available today when remodeling a kitchen, it is easier than ever to create a unique space that is guaranteed to make a statement.

Blue kitchen cabinets bring modern and refinement together to create A beautiful Space

A popular trend in kitchen designs is to use bold colors for kitchen cabinetry, modern door facings like the Shaker style, and mixing and matching colors to create stunning contrasts and beautiful results. Out with the old traditional brown wood color of cabinetry and in with the blue cabinets that contrast with lighter color cabinetry, backsplash and countertops. The use of blues, greens, grays or white (or even black) cabinetry, is putting a new spin in kitchen design and creating new opportunities to create a very unique space.

In modern kitchen design, cabinetry can be the same color, or two-tone as seen in kitchens where bottom cabinets are one color and top cabinets a different one, or can have one accent piece, such as kitchen island, in a different color to create focus, contrast and depth.

Blue kitchen cabinets that aesthetically contrast with lighter elements add a definite sense of style and modernism while showcasing refinement especially when adding brass hardware against hues of blue.

modern blue kitchen cabinets Charlotte NC
two-tone kitchen cabinets Charlotte
lighter blue kitchen cabinets Charlotte

Are blue kitchen cabinets another trend that will just fade away?

It takes only a little amount of research to find out that blue kitchen cabinets are in demand. Whether it’s a blue kitchen island, blue kitchen cabinets or an all blue kitchen, blue has become an increasingly popular color, from light blue to navy blue for kitchens. 
Combined with light color marble or quartz countertops, the results are dazzling to say the least. 

But will blue cabinets stay in style or will they end up becoming an eye sore like those lime green or bright orange kitchen colors of the past? The short answer is the more cohesive your kitchen design is, the more it will keep its relevancy in years to come. Being diligent about matching colors, materials and hardware in your kitchen will go a long way to ensure your kitchen still looks great years from now.  

A quick search on Google trends will reveal that searches for blue kitchen cabinets have increased 4-fold since 2004 and keep increasing year after year. So are blue kitchen cabinets here to stay?  We definitely think so.  Modern kitchen design has proved over time that matching darker colors with brighter ones is a winning combination. As long as you match your kitchen cabinets cabinets appropriately, your kitchen will look fantastic for many years to come. 

Matching blue kitchen cabinets with other elements

Modern kitchen designs always include a colorful element that stands out from the rest of the space. A blue kitchen island or blue kitchen cabinets are a great way to accentuate elements in a kitchen and give it depth. Blue can be used in many different places throughout the kitchen, but the key is not to overdo it. 

To create a great kitchen design, implementing the right mix of colors and materials is a must. For example,  navy blue kitchen cabinets with brass hardware and light backsplash and countertops look absolutely fantastic and refined when combined together. Having one of the kitchen designers at the Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio help you with your kitchen design with go a long way to avoid design faux pas. Our designers can assist you in selecting all the elements of your kitchen remodel from cabinet colors and style, to hardware, countertops, backsplash, flooring and accessories, as well as a provide you with a rendering of the finish product so you can see what your kitchen will look like.

In our opinion, and the opinion of many kitchen designers, blue is a great color for a kitchen. It adds a touch of class and modern to a kitchen. There are many shades of blue to choose from, so if navy blue is not your cup of tea, there are a lot more options!  

Blue Kitchen Cabinets 1
deep navy blue kitchen cabinets

What tone of blue should you use for your kitchen?

Blue is one of the most popular color used for cabinetry today. Darker blues are calming and give kitchens a certain serenity and more upscale look. 
Dark blue finishes are ideal for more refined kitchen designs and to create depth and separation between elements in a kitchen.  On the other hand, bright shades of blue bring an energetic feel to a room when mixed with white colors. 

Blue kitchen cabinets combined with lighter (white) elements like subway tiles and white quartz countertops look great together, That color combination is very popular among homeowners. It has the clean, modern and bright  look many homeowners like.  Blue recessed, flat panel door Shaker styles are the most popular of blue door styles.

medium blue kitchen cabinets
PRO RECOMMENDATION: In smaller kitchens, light blue kitchen cabinets are a good choice to make the space look bigger and brighter. Blue cabinets are good match with many of today’s other popular finishes such as white, gray, green, and even black paints.
Blue Kitchen Cabinets 2

White marble  or quartz countertops are an excellent choice for blue cabinets, no matter the tone of blue selected. For dark blue cabinets, white stone or natural wood countertops are a superb choice. White countertops provide a classic, trendy look, and they lighten up the room. A light wood countertop would add warmth and make the kitchen cozy and inviting. In rooms with lots of natural light, this look can be quite eye-catching and provide a calming effect.

If you live in the Charlotte NC area and interested in remodeling your kitchen using blue kitchen cabinets, visit our showroom today. We have designers on staff who are ready to help you with your kitchen design. You can view some of our work here. We sell and install countertops, kitchen cabinets, flooring, backsplashes and accessories. 

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