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Bath Remodeling Trends to Watch out For in 2023

The pandemic and remote work have forced many homeowners to rethink their interior living  space. With so much time spent at home with other family members, homeowners have heavily invested in remodeling their home, improving style and functionality. After merging their kitchen and living room areas into a large, open space where cooking and entertaining take place, homeowners  are now spending more time to rethink and remodel their primary bath, turning an often time uninspiring space into a spa-like refuge where one can escape it all  and pamper him/herself.  Layouts, styles and decors in primary bathrooms are evolving quickly. We point out below what we believe are some of the most interesting bath remodeling trends for 2023. 

remodel your bathroom into a spa like space

Spa-like bathroom space

Transforming a primary bathroom into a living space where one can safely seclude him/herself from the rest of the world for some downtime has caught the interest of homeowners seeking to make their home more enjoyable. Dual shower heads, steam showers and wellness features are becoming increasingly common in remodeled bathrooms. Remodeling your current bathroom into a spa-like space will create that peaceful surrounding where you can spend an hour (or two) unwinding from your day and pamper yourself. The primary bathroom is no longer an area where you just bathe. It’s turning into the ultimate retreat away from the rest of the world. With the help of a professional bath remodeling company, you can turn your spacious primary bathroom into a lounge where you may want to sip on some wine, soak in a tub with some aromatic candles burning while some soft music is playing on the background and a large window brings in the outside in. 

Unique free standing bathtub

Even though free time in the bathroom might be limited when getting ready for work in the morning, homeowners still want to indulge in timeless design pieces like uniquely shaped and designed free standing bathtubs for those occasions where they can soak in and relax.  Free standing bathtubs are getting popular and more design options are becoming available like this bathtub made of exotic wood and finished with an epoxy. Claw foot cast iron tubs are not the only option anymore. The more space you have in your primary bathroom, the more you can set apart design elements like a free standing bathtub. 

Bath Remodeling Trends to Watch out For in 2023 1
cohesive design in bathroom remodeling projects

Cohesive design in primary bathrooms

Designing a primary bathroom space is no longer an afterthought. Cohesive designs that stimulate the senses and foster rest and relaxation are in high demand.  The modern bathroom has more colors, textures and patterns than ever before. Slick lighting, glass walls, backlit mirrors, free standing tub, heated floor, dedicated storage and steam shower are sought after by homeowners looking to create a very special space for themselves.

Backlit mirrors

Having a backlit mirror installed in your primary bathroom adds convenience and style. Not only is it practical to have a subtle light behind your mirror that you can leave on so you can find your way around in the middle of night, it also adds style and glamour to your bathroom and guarantees to make you feel like you are in a superstar bathroom! It’s definitely a nice feature to integrate in your upcoming bath remodeling project in 2023. Backlit mirrors come in different shapes, sizes, materials and colors to complement any existing bathroom decor and colors. 

modern bathroom with backlit mirror
Bath Remodeling Trends to Watch out For in 2023 2

Larger primary bathroom space

For the past two decades, large eat-in kitchens, open floor plans and a large primary bedroom were the most in demand features in homes. Today, homeowners are allocating more square footage to design the perfect primary bathroom, whether it’s a new build or remodel. The larger area reserved for the primary bathroom allows for homeowners to create their own separate spaces in the bathroom. Separate vanities, storage areas and even toilets are gaining popularity while showers and tubs are still shared by the homeowners. This way, one does not get in the way of the other when getting ready in the morning.

Japandi style bathrooms

When renovating their primary bathrooms, more homeowners are going for the Japandi style, and this trend will most likely continue in 2023. Japandi is mixed of two distinct styles – Japanese and Scandinavian. It makes use of  slatted wood, black wood stains and modern shapes. Simple, natural and yet refined, the Japandi style leverage muted colors and simple design to crate an inviting and relaxing living space.

Bath Remodeling Trends to Watch out For in 2023 3
Bath Remodeling Trends to Watch out For in 2023 4

Wet room design

Wet rooms are both practical and stylish – they allow for easy access to the shower and tub which is particularly convenient as you age and if you have mobility issue. With a wet room, you won’t have to step into a tub or a ledge to get into the shower. Wet rooms are also stylish and contemporary and a nice style option as compared to traditional bathroom setups. Often equipped with glass sliding doors to contain water on one side of the bathroom, wet rooms make the space look bigger and more open. Wet room bathrooms, like any other types of bathrooms, can be styled using modern fixtures, colors and finishes. 

If you live near Charlotte and are planning to remodel your bathroom, visit the Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio. We are open to the public and have designers on staff to help you create the perfect bathroom space for your home. You can view some of our most recent modeling work here.

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