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Bath Remodeling Trends for 2022

In the market for a bath remodel? You’re in the right place. The Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio is the local expert for everything related to kitchen and bath remodeling in the Charlotte area. We have designers on staff and the resources to help you take your current bathroom to the next level. Even though bathrooms are some of the smallest spaces in a home, remodeling them is one of the most complex project right behind remodeling a kitchen

Depending on the age of your home and how dated your current bathroom is, there could be quite a bit that needs to be done for you to materialize the bathroom you’ve envisioned. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the major trends we’ve been seeing with bath remodels in the Charlotte area. 

Wet Room

Combining a separate tub and shower within the same enclosure  has gained in popularity. Couple with glass doors and walls, it creates continuity and depth in the bathroom while making smart use of the available floor plan and space. If you decide to go with a wet room, you will want to pick materials that resist moisture and clean easy so that taking a shower does not result a giant cleaning undertaking afterwards.

bath remodeling Charlotte shower tub combo
twin showers

Twin Showers

When rushing to get ready for work and the day’s activities, having to share a shower in the morning can slow things down quite a bit. Remodel your bathroom to have twin showers. More and more homeowners are opting for double showers in their master bathroom.  Most double showers come equipped with rain shower heads, hand held features and multiple faucets for the ultimate experience. Having an adjustable body sprayer is also a must so every one can shower without having to crouch under the shower head or struggle to reach it overhead. 


Bathrooms used to be utilitarian. This is changing and the bath area is becoming a space where homeowners get creative with their design while creating a space that is relaxing similar to a spa. With newer designs, you will find darker and bold colors to accentuate certain elements of the bathroom. Darker grays are in especially when contrasted with lighter components like sink or walls. Both marble and stone are still in high demand among homeowners for the vanity tops , walls and backsplash. Homeowners are also choosing colors other than white for their tubs so they really stand out.

implementing technology and other elements

How about having a TV in your bathroom so you can watch the early show as you get yourself ready for the day? Homeowners are implementing technology and other elements in their bathrooms like speakers, touch screens, a fireplace, self flushing toilet, a towel warmer, etc…You’ll have to make sure all your electrical components are waterproof. One thing is for sure, we so much goodness incorporated within bath remodeling projects, people are spending more “me” time in the bathroom nowadays.

Bath Remodeling Trends for 2022 1
Bath Remodeling Trends for 2022 2


Out with the old and in with the new – or in with the old made new? Old fashioned designs are making a comeback with a modern spin. Retro materials adapted to modern times are finding their place in bath remodeling projects. Large format wall tiles for walls and flooring is a perfect example of this trend that will make your bath space look modern and chic.

Removable storage

Cubby holes that have been an integral part of showers for the longest of time are slowly being replaced by removable storage such as a teak bench. The reason is quite simple –  cubby holes in showers are a breeding ground for mildew and are difficult to clean. Having removable storage in your shower will make them easier to clean and replace when you are ready to part ways.

Connecting the indoor and outdoor

Opening your bathroom space to the outdoor feels so natural and can bring a lot of natural light in your bathroom as well as beautiful views. Large windows, glass doors, an open floorpan concept and private access to an outdoor area are key to achieving this beautiful look. To complement this bathroom style, incorporating elements that are organic like plants, natural color wood, teak accessories and large print tile floors are also popular. 

Bath Remodeling Trends for 2022 3

If you live in the Charlotte area and are planning to remodel your bathroom,  we would love to hear from you! Our showroom is convenient to Charlotte and we have designers on staff as well as floor displays and hundreds of materials on hand to help you design a beautiful space for your bathroom.

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