5 kitchen remodeling trends for 2023
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5 Kitchen Remodeling Trends to watch out for in 2023

Kitchen remodeling trends continuously evolved. While some trends last for longer periods of time, like white kitchen cabinetry  and marble countertops, some other trends simply fade away slowly as they lose popularity among homeowners. The Complete Kitchen Bath Design Studio is ideally positioned to be on top of kitchen remodeling trends as we work with many prominent builders in the area and leading manufacturers in the industry. We  are fortunate to see first hand what’s in high demand among homeowners. Below, we share 5 kitchen remodeling trends that are already in high demand and will continue to be in 2023. 

5 Kitchen Remodeling Trends to watch out for in 2023 1

Smart Technology

Technology has played an increasing role in our daily life. It only seem like a normal progression for smart technology to show up in more kitchen remodeling projects. 

Technology makes life easier. It allows for doing things in a more convenient manner, faster, and in a way that is forever more customized to the end user’s preferences. Refrigerators, stoves dishwashers are now using wifi to communicate with the user’s smart device. Voice and touch free activation are being implemented in kitchens to control faucets, ambient temperature and lighting. Modern technology is here to stay in 2023 and is firmly finding its place in kitchen remodeling projects.  Technology saves time, increases efficiency and saves energy. No wonder it is one of the most important kitchen remodeling trends for 2023.

Butler's Pantry

Butler’s pantries popularity is on the rise. It’s a convenient space to store away everything that is needed for your kitchen, but that does not necessarily need to be on display. 

butler pantry kitchen remodeling trends for 2023

A butler’s pantry is a fantastic space where supplies can be stored, food can be prepped, small appliances and containers can be stored away, as well as additional cookware, dishes, etc… It could also be great space where hot and cold beverages can be prepared. And all can be concealed behind a sliding door or matching cabinetry panel that opens up to the pantry space right-off the kitchen. How convenient!  And the original purpose of a butler’s pantry was exactly that – a utility room where food can be prepared and cleaned up out of sight to guests. Concealed and tucked away butler’s pantries are increasingly popular and expected to continue to be so in 2023. 

full slab kitchen backsplash marble trends for 2023

Full Slab Backsplash

Before subway tiles were all the craze, natural stone backsplashes were the way to go. There is a resurgence of that original look, but with a twist – backsplashes now extend higher and wider using a full slab (or almost) that provides an interesting focal point and continuity with countertops.

Another favorite among kitchen remodeling trends is a full slab backsplash. Full slab backsplashes serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose. With no seam, they can be used as a statement piece in a kitchen and provide continuity or contrast with the existing countertops and kitchen cabinetry depending on how it is used. Seamless backsplashes as well offer maximum protection against spills when cooking and are easy to clean off because there are no seams and therefore no grout to worry about. Granite, quartz and marble are all good candidates for full slab backsplashes. Full slab backsplashes are made to extend to the range hood, windows, bottom  of kitchen cabinetry and and even all the way up to the ceiling in some instances. Full slab backsplashes are definitely on of those kitchen remodeling trends that will continue in 2023. 

Large Kitchen Island

The kitchen is really the nucleus of a home where family and friends gather together to talk while a good meal is being  cooked. A large island is the perfect element in a kitchen to encourage socializing and to entertain guests.

large socializing kitchen island remodeling trends 2023

As homeowners favor open floor plan concepts, spaces are merging together to create larger gathering spaces. Kitchen and living room, dining room and kitchen are all becoming one large space where family and friends get together for a good time. Because the space now allows for it, more homeowners are asking for larger kitchen islands where they can entertain and eat. After all, with all the action and aromas from cooking, it’s a lot more fun  to gather in the kitchen than the formal living room especially if the kitchen opens up to the living room where there is a game on the big screen TV plays or a fire roaring in the fireplace. Larger kitchen islands are definitely one of those kitchen remodeling trends that is here to stay in 2023.


Bright Organic Colors

Bright and bold colors in kitchen remodeling with an organic undertone are trending while the demand for  cold color combinations like gray and white is diminishing. While white color cabinets are here to stay, there is a plethora of new colors hitting the market.

It is expected that kitchen remodels will include more vibrant colors in 2023 with warmer tones and bold colors like the green cabinetry depicted above. Homeowners are moving away from classic, monochromic colors in favor for kitchen cabinetry coated with organic saturated colors.  The contrast between lighter colors and bold colors really makes the kitchen cabinetry pop and creates a cheerful and bright atmosphere.

If you leave near Charlotte and are interest in remodeling your kitchen in 2023, visit the Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio, conveniently located to Charlotte, the check out the latest trends in kitchen remodeling and to speak with designer on staff. The Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio is the leader in new kitchen installation and kitchen remodeling in the Charlotte area. You can see some of ongoing promotions and examples of our work on our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

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